About the Playwright – Femi Euba

Dr. Femi Euba is the Louise and Kenneth Professor of Black Drama and Playwriting at Louisiana State University. Dr. Euba received his M.A. in Afro-American Studies and his M.F.A in Playwriting and Dramatic Literature from Yale University. He received his PhD. in Literature from the University of Ife, Nigeria. He teaches Playwriting, Drama of Africa, and Drama of the African Diaspora. He holds joint appointments in both the Theatre and English Departments at the university.

Dr. Euba has published numerous works in the genres of drama, theory, and fiction.

  • A Riddle of the Palms and Crocodiles
  • Archetypes, Imprecators and Victims of Fate: Origins and Developments of Satire in Black Drama
  • The Gulf
  • “The Eye of Gabriel”
  • “Dionysus of the Holocaust”
  • Poetics of the Creative Process: An Organic Practicum to Playwriting
  • Camwood at Crossroads (novel),

His directing credits include Sizwe Bansi is Dead, Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, The Rivals, The African Company Presents Richard III, Hedda Gabler, Alcestis, Maryse Conde’s Tropical Breeze Hotel, Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Eduardo Machado’s Broken Eggs, Our Lady of 121st Street, The Brother’s Size, Clybourne Park, and Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman.





    1. Alexander,
      Good Question! I will ask him!
      I do know that this play is particularly dear to him, and he is excited that it is being staged here at LSU.


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